An insurance broker can make the claims process easier and quicker, as well as ensure a good result. 

Deciding on and buying insurance policies is no easy task. Insurance brokers are well known for providing guidance with their expertise and connections in the industry, and they have helped many people to get the right cover for their unique needs and risk factors. 

There is another insurance-related task that brokers can help with. Making a claim can be confusing, paperwork-heavy, and time-consuming. Some people are not aware that part of the service that insurance brokers provide is helping their insured clients, be they businesses or individuals, with navigating the claims process. Whatever your industry or insurance type, having a broker to help you through the claims process saves a lot of time and energy. 

So if you are claiming on any of your policies, check in with your broker first.  

Advocates in your corner 

At Runacres Insurance, we consider it our job to be your advocate—and this includes not only when you are buying insurance, but when you are using it. Handling claims for our clients is a major part of a broker’s job. In fact, we have an entire team dedicated to this particular task. 

Importantly, a broker is an independent advocate. Brokers do not work for the insurance companies and therefore everything they do is on your behalf, with your interests at the forefront. They will stand in for you and champion your cause with the insurance company. Not only that, but they may well do a better job than you would yourself, for reasons outlined below… 

Specialist knowledge 

Perhaps the primary reason that using a broker makes the claims process much simpler and smoother is the fact that an insurance broker has intimate and in-depth knowledge of not only the industry but the details of specific providers and policies. This is their job, and they know what’s what. 

As “laypeople” when it comes to insurance, it can be difficult for claimants to accurately interpret the language used in policies and determine what they are entitled to. A broker makes the process easier right from the start. They will be able to tell you what your policy includes and what you can claim in a given situation. 

The specialist knowledge and experience of brokers also mean that they can ensure you get the very best result. If you are not aware of the intricacies of your policies, it is possible to be shortchanged in the confusion of a claim. A broker serves to ensure you get what is on offer.  

Efficiency and ease 

A broker’s skill in negotiating and navigating insurance claims is not only effective in getting the settlement you want and are entitled to, but in getting it quickly and efficiently. Brokers like those at Runacres have agreed service standards with many insurers which can expedite the process. This helps to ensure that they prioritise and respond to our brokers’ communication, avoiding delays and difficulties. 

Knowing their way around making a claim means that there is much less back-and-forth, and the entire experience is quicker and less arduous. When an insurance delay prevents a business from continuing as normal or has other profound effects on the life or livelihood of a client, it’s crucial that the claim is processed and sorted as quickly as possible. Management by a broker can greatly reduce the impact of a lengthy settlement. 

As an individual who makes insurance claims only very occasionally, the process can be difficult. For someone well-versed in the procedure and language involved, possessing a working relationship with many insurance companies, and who manages claims on a day-to-day basis, it’s much simpler. A broker will know exactly what the company requires of you and can communicate it clearly, working with you to make sure that your claim has the best chance of being settled quickly.  

There are very few people out there who like to spend their spare time calling or emailing back and forth with their insurance company. It’s not a fun task. It can be a frustrating one. Using your broker to facilitate the claim not only makes it faster and easier but it also eliminates a huge amount of work for the client. 

The claims management service provided by Runacres Insurance makes life easier. Our expertise is your advantage. What’s more, there are no fees or costs at all to the client—the service is free on their end.  

Our hands-on approach to managing your claims means minimal disruption to life or business, quicker insurance settlements, and the best results. Interested in finding out more about how the Runacres team of brokers can help when the unexpected happens and you need to use your insurance? Get in touch. We have offices in Auckland, Christchurch, and the West Coast which allow us to serve clients all across New Zealand.  

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