Public Liability Insurance NZ Businesses Need

Covering professionals who typically face customers regularly, public liability insurance NZ acts as a policy that protects these businesses against a variety of risks. These include civil damages, criminal penalties, and any other costs incurred in an accident or injury to persons or property. At Runacres, we understand that finding a trusted public liability insurance provider can be overwhelming. From start to finish, we streamline the process for you, so you can keep your business secure, risk-free and out of the danger zone. When assessing the right policy for you, it’s important to understand that liabilities insurance doesn’t cover claims from an individual, focusing only on claims made against a business entity (e.g. company). Additionally, policies differ from one company to the next, with various levels of protection on offer. When you speak to Runacres, we’ll help you discover which liabilities insurance options is most suitable for your needs and guide you through everything involved.


Runacres Covers Your Public Liability Needs


Businesses may wish to consider public liability insurance as part of their general policies for comprehensive protection. If this is the case for you, we’re here to show you how to go about it, and what areas of your business may need protection the most. Runacres helps professionals like you to get the right form of coverage, protecting your business, properties, and assets from start to finish.


How To Know If You Need Liabilities Insurance In NZ


In New Zealand, it’s important to back yourself with a public liability insurance policy that suits your circumstances. If you’re not sure whether you need this form of protection, ask yourself these key questions as a starting point:

  • Does your business offer a particular service or trade?
  • Do you regularly interact with members of the public – whether as a sole trader or a company?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to seriously consider carrying out liabilities insurance to keep out of legal trouble. That’s where we come in. From tradesmen to self-employed entrepreneurs, shop owners to professionals, we’ve supported hundreds of small businesses to protect themselves against legal claims. While public liability insurance NZ isn’t a legal requirement, choosing to invest in this solution keeps your business out of harm’s way when you least expect it. Mistakes happen, and when you’re not well-protected, you can easily end up in hot water, inflicting seriously costly penalties.

Additionally, you may find that prospective clients may ask, or demand, that you have this type of policy before they partner with you. For this reason, it’s always beneficial to have this protection by your side.

Finally, remember that public liability insurance doesn’t cover employees and only covers you against any claims made by a third party. If you require protection for your staff, you’ll need to choose a different solution altogether – which is something we can point you in the direction of. If an unfortunate accident or event occurs, your business can be sued for compensation. Luckily, Runacres can help you avoid these circumstances, integrating our comprehensive policies into your operations. Contact us for a free no-obligation discussion to get started.

Fair insurance Code

We are a member of the Insurance Council of NZ and adhere to the Fair Insurance Code, which provides you with assurance that the we have high standards of service to our customers.