Since the Covid-19 Pandemic erupted in 2020, the already isolated islands of Aotearoa, New Zealand were thrown into over two years of radio silence, quarantine and compliance before citizens were allowed to travel in or out of the country, let alone tourists.

This extended period of isolation has caused a new epidemic – itchy feet to travel again. Kiwis are now booking holiday’s, business trips & long overdue family reunifications once again. While this is an exciting development, we are finding luggage is being lost, Covid is curtailing travel arrangements, and
more flights are being cancelled. This is where travel insurance becomes a necessity to avoid those nasty surprises that sometimes coincide with travelling.  

It should be noted that cover for travellers who contract Covid prior to, or during their journey are covered by some insurers, however, travel disruption due to Government mandated lockdowns are not. Some policies are more comprehensive than others in this regard.

While it is generally recognised that travel insurance will respond to these scenarios (subject to policy wordings), like many other businesses, the insurance industry has struggled to gear itself back up to pre-covid staffing levels which is now resulting in long wait times for claim assessments.

To assist in ensuring your trip goes as smoothly as possible, it is recommended that a travel insurance policy is purchased well in advance, usually when travel deposits are paid, or the journey is arranged. Runacres has specialist experience in arranging travel insurance and a claims team that will advocate
on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcomes should the unforeseen occur.


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