For many of us, insurance acts as a safety net – we agree on the cover we need with our insurer, pay our premium and hope that nothing bad happens. But, if something does go wrong, we’ve got cover in place to help us get back on track, right? As insurance brokers, we know that handling a claim is often the hardest part though, and it’s an experience that can leave insurance buyers feeling let-down when they’re in a tough spot.

Take as an example one of Runacres clients. She was leaving a car park and on her way out had an issue with the car park exit ticket. She opened her car door to ask for help, but in doing so accidentally knocked the vehicle into reverse, causing the car to start moving backwards. Fortunately, the open car door caught on the ticketing machine, and she was able to shut off the engine and wasn’t significantly injured, but of course, her car was not driveable and she was, understandably, shaken up.

She called her insurance broker and was explaining her situation to one of the teams in the Christchurch office. The team member could tell by the client’s voice and demeanour that she was shaken by the incident so they called in Ryan Jones, the Runaces claims team manager to assist.

Ryan jumped in his car and went to the scene of the accident to help her. He sat with the client, assisted with the entire claim process and stayed with her until the tow-truck arrived a few hours later. Ryan then drove her home much to the client’s relief.

“We’re dealing with claims on a daily basis, and we know just how stressful it can be. Especially when you’re literally stuck! Helping our clients when they need their insurance the most is something that we take pride in, but really I was just doing my job,” said Ryan when asked for comment.

At Runacres we are committed to making the claims process as stress-free and easy as possible. That’s why we’re always looking at ways we can improve our client’s experience when it comes to making a claim. From our newly released interactive claim forms that are fillable on any device, to our dedicated claims support team, we are genuinely here to help when you need that cover the most.

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