Runacres are pleased to accept credit card payments online for full premium payments. To make paying your insurance premiums a little easier, Runacres have introduced a secure online payment portal, provided by Windcave. For your security, the Windcave payment portal uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to send your payment information to our server.

Flexible Payment Options for Insurance

We have different payment options available to you to when your insurance premium is due; we accept credit and debit card payments for full payments of premiums. We are also able to offer monthly instalments to ease the burden of paying for your premium up front, read more below on premium funding.

Paying Runacres Insurance by Credit card is easy

Simply visit our payments webpage, and click through to the secure Windcave payment gateway. You will need your Runacres customer number (located on your invoice) and a surcharge of 1.25% of the total amount will be applied to the payment, which is passed directly to the credit card merchant.

Funding Premium Payments

As an option to assist you with managing the cost of your annual premiums, we can help arrange a payment plan through one of our partners.  This will spread out the cost of your insurance premium over a number of instalments. There are different payment frequency options available, so please call your broker to discuss what this might look like for you as this option needs to be in place within the first 30 days of your new insurance period.

As with any application for credit, our funding partners will need detailed information from you in order to make a decision on a loan, your broker will assist by giving you full details of what’s required, please follow this to avoid delays or declines.

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