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If you work with your hands, you know they’re your most important tools. But the tools in your toolbox come a pretty close second, along with your vehicle. You need to make sure you’re covered for every eventuality so that your business can keep operating and your income is protected if an incident occurs.

Tools fetch a great price on the open market, so thieves have a good incentive to target you. And, if your power tools break down and you can’t finish a job, you might not get paid.

If you employ other tradies or apprentices, keeping them safe is your number one priority. So you’ll need personal accident insurance to protect them, and you, as well as public liability insurance.

Managing the risk in your business means understanding what could go wrong, then doing whatever you can to prevent it. However, sometimes the unthinkable happens and it’s good to know you’re fully covered by insurance. We can help you find the balance between getting the right types and levels of insurance, without paying more than you should.

Points to consider when thinking about your trades cover
Our national network partner, NZbrokers, has put together a list of six points for your business to consider when it comes to trades insurance. We’ve summarised these into questions for your business here:

Needs: How do you know if you have enough insurance, or the right types of insurance?

Risks: Have you assessed the real risk exposure for your business and how this can be managed?

Budget: What would it cost you if your tools were stolen? How about your ute? What if your employee was injured on the job? Can you afford not to insure for this?

Mitigation: What steps are you taking to protect your business from incidents?

Visibility: When was the last time you reviewed your insurance and do you know if you’re covered for every eventuality?

Third parties: Which third parties do you work with and is this covered by your insurance?

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TradeSure cover components

Our TradeSure solution is designed to be modular.
This allows us to work with you and select the covers you need, when you need them, providing a tailored package for your business. If your needs change, depending on your jobs and workload, we can help you adjust your cover again, easy as.

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