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Serena has been a part of the Christchurch Runacres team since 2019 where she has developed strong skills and built relationships with the industry.

After a few years as a Senior Broker Support, Serena took the opportunity to take her career to new heights by accepting a Broker role in 2023. In this role, she continues to thrive in assisting clients with their insurance needs, drawing on her vast knowledge and expertise in the industry.

Serena is a driven and accomplished professional who previously worked in the technology/IT space where she was able to further develop her critical thinking and problem solving skills within a complex and competitive business world. She finds joys when a client experiences success, whether it’s in their business or personal lives.

Outside of work, Serena is an avid reader who loves to dive into different literary worlds. She also has a soft spot for musical theatre, finding joy in the power of storytelling through music and performance.

Serena treasures her time with family and friends, valuing the connections she has built and the support they provide. Shopping also ranks among her interests, adding a touch of style to her vibrant personality.

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