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Covered for your food product recall?

With a 62% increase in recall rates for food products in the last two years, the possibility of accidental contamination or incorrect labelling is real. Make sure you’ve got all your bases covered with Runacres Insurance and our specialist liability insurance underwriters, Delta.

Delta has developed specific liability cover for the Food & Beverage Manufacturing sector which carries some unique coverage sections which are often not addressed under standard General Liability and Statutory Liability policies.

This Food Manufacturers Liability package provides a comprehensive liability solution including Product Recall risks that are unique to the food manufacturing sector.

Along with standard Broadform Liability, the Delta policy also covers Product Recall, Pollution, Errors & Omissions and Crisis Management cover.

Cover for all your insurable risks with Runacres

In addition to getting you the best liability solution for your business, we’ll also look at your business and give it an over-all insurance health check to make sure you are getting the coverage you need, for the value you want.

Our team can secure tailored insurance cover the following areas of your business:

Business Assets: We ensure you secure the right cover for loss or damage to your commercial buildings, contents, plant stock and other assets.

Business Interruption: We suggest how you can be covered against different factors that interrupt your business, so you’re not out of pocket while your doors are closed.

Business Vehicles: We ensure you have the correct insurance to keep your drivers on the road, to minimise unnecessary disruption to your business.

Business Liability: Legislation is constantly changing, and we’re on top of these changes, so we know what cover your business needs, so you’re always protected.

Crime Exposures: We can help you secure cover to protect you from employee fraud and theft.

Cyber: We ensure you’re covered for any liabilities arising from data protection laws, management of personal data and consequences of losing information.

Contact a Runacres Insurance food manufacturing insurance specialist today – use the get a quote form below and one of our local specialists in your area will get right back to you.

Managing Food Recall Risks

Twelve out of the 65 food recalls in New Zealand last year were instigated by regulators for lack of traceability, non-conformant labelling and a lack of process control. For more details download the whitepaper.


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