Why Do I Need Life Insurance For My Business?

How life insurance can help business owners plan for the unexpected

Life insurance is often considered a very personal matter, but it matters in the business arena too. For business owners, particularly those working with partners who also have vested interest in the company, life insurance and other related covers like key person insurance and debt protection are crucial.

Comprehensive and relevant life insurance will also allow you to protect your family financially should something happen to you that will affect the running of your business. Take a look at the following points to discover what the right insurance policies can do for you as a business owner.

Your business partner will be protected

Business partners will often take out life insurance policies on each other. Often, the money in conjunction with a written agreement will ensure that the surviving partner can buy out the other’s shares and keep going. Being in business together makes people financially interdependent—it’s a good idea to carefully plan for the possibility of one partner dying unexpectedly.

A robust policy is a safeguard for your business partner and any employees relying on your company for their income. It will protect the livelihood of those who have helped you build your business.

Your family will get by

If your family depends on the income generated from your business, you will want it to continue running effectively in any circumstance. Having policies in place to facilitate this will ensure they can be taken care of—and if they sell your share in the business, they can get the best price possible.

Debt protection cover is also very important in protecting your family and loved ones in the case of your death, incapacity, or disablement. It ensures that debt can be repaid, removing personal liability from you and your estate.

You can guard against the loss of key people

Key person insurance is a helpful product that makes sure your business can run when particular people are out of action. Most companies—particularly small businesses—have those individuals who are crucial to operations. Would it be bad news for the future of your company if you, a partner, or an experienced employee were to suddenly become unable to perform their responsibilities? If the answer to that is yes, you may need to consider key person insurance.

Working with an insurance broker is the best and easiest way to secure the right insurance for your specific circumstances and needs. Working independently from insurance companies, they are the experts in finding policies that fit an individual, saving clients time and often cutting overall costs by helping them to determine which insurances are necessary and most beneficial through careful risk analysis.

The Runacres Insurance team are experienced in business-related insurance. Get a quote or give us a call to discuss how we can help you prepare.

Do I Need Life Insurance? Probably—Here’s Why

Why buy life insurance?

To think about your own death is generally considered a little morbid; it’s a subject that many people—especially young and healthy ones—prefer to avoid. However, planning for all eventualities is important. Life insurance is a key component of good financial management. Even the healthiest of people can run into unexpected circumstances: imagine a man in his forties who eats a plant-based diet and runs every day being handed a cancer diagnosis or being hit by a truck on a pedestrian crossing. It can happen, and it does.

The right life insurance allows things to run smoothly for your loved ones should you pass away. There are many options out there being sold to Kiwis, but each situation is unique: different risks, different goals, and different levels of coverage desired. For this reason, an experienced insurance broker is a huge asset.

Here’s how life insurance and related insurances can help you plan for all possibilities:

Your dependents will be looked after

Number one on the list of people to consider when planning for an unexpected death are children or other dependents—those who rely on you to provide for them. Most parents and caregivers are motivated to ensure that those in their care are well looked after when they pass on. Life insurance allows you to rest assured that dependents will have enough to live comfortably, and depending on the policy can even set them up very well for future large expenses like tertiary education.

For a lot of clients, making sure their kids will be financially secure with or without them is a primary reason for purchasing life insurance. However, it’s not the only one; this type of cover is also important for those without dependents to consider.

Your spouse will have time to adjust

Losing a husband or wife is traumatic, devastating, and disruptive. Doing it while faced with financial worries due to the loss of their income adds another layer of difficulty to the loss.
Life insurance offers a buffer for the surviving spouse, replacing the income of their deceased partner to reduce financial pressure at a vulnerable time. With the right policy to take up some of your financial responsibility for a while, your spouse or significant other will have time to get used to their new situation without having to worry about living costs.

Your debts will be paid

Losing income is one thing; being saddled with sole responsibility for a large debt is another. Life insurance can pay off shared debts—often this means a mortgage—to reduce living costs for those left behind and take away a financial burden. Paying off any debts for which they are jointly responsible is a fantastic gift that you can leave your loved ones.

Your final expenses will not cost your loved ones

Dying can be a pricey business. Funerals tend to run too many thousands of dollars depending on the type of celebration you or your family would like to hold. Coffins are expensive, burial is expensive, and so are the details like catering and flowers. Although New Zealand has long since done away with “death duties”, there are also things like probate and estate administration costs to think about. A friend or family member’s death is difficult enough to get through without the burden of paying for a funeral and other end-of-life expenses!

Runacres Insurance is a team of New Zealand-based insurance brokers who are dedicated to finding the best cover for Kiwis. Backed by NZBrokers, we offer quality advice and guidance to anyone seeking insurance—from life insurance and other personal covers to business insurance in specialist industries. Proud recipients of many industry awards and supporters of local sports teams and creative organisations, the Runacres team are locals who support other locals. And we pride ourselves on providing a personalised and highly customised insurance and risk service. Let us help you find peace of mind.

Underinsurance: Is Your Sum Insured Up To Date?

Is your sum insured enough for a fresh start?

Imagine that the worst happened to your business: your premises burnt to the ground, were ravaged by an earthquake, or were otherwise severely damaged and in need of replacement. Most companies pay for insurance to safeguard their operations against this very scenario. Understandably, it would be pouring salt on the wound for them to find out that their policy does not nearly cover the cost of construction.

This is underinsurance: when an insured individual or business fails to update its policies to keep them in line with property and/or asset values.

The dangers of underinsurance

Properties are required to be insured up to an agreed amount so that the insurer can calculate an appropriate premium for the amount they would be required to pay in the event of a rebuild. It’s important that the sum insured reflects the actual cost of building a new facility. If it doesn’t, your or your business will be left with the rest of the bill in what will already undoubtedly be a very difficult time.

While insuring your property for less than the amount it would actually cost to rebuild may save a little in premiums, this false economy can have disastrous consequences. The difference in your regular payments will likely be very small. What’s more, you can budget for premiums. It’s much more difficult to prepare for what could be a bill of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars all at once. New Zealand has shown that it is no stranger to natural disasters in the past decade—from mega earthquakes to volcanic eruptions and tornadoes—so underinsurance is a very real concern.

Even if your building only requires a partial rebuild, underinsurance can sting. “Pro rata condition of average” is something included in many insurance policies, which means the sum paid out—even if only part of the total sum insured, to replace or repair part of the property—will be reduced in proportion to the value of the total sum insured. For example, imagine that your premises were insured for $800,000 but would cost a million dollars to totally rebuild. If you made a claim for a partial rebuild costing $500,000, you would only get $400,000 as you are underinsured by 20 percent. In New Zealand, the Insurance Law Reform Act of 1985 means that insurers must disclose where pro rata condition of average is applied—but it is a technical term that many purchasers may not fully understand.

How do I know if I’m underinsured, and how do I rectify it?

The key thing to remember when deciding on your sum insured is that it should be based on rebuild value and not market value. That means you aren’t insuring for the amount your property would sell for (as this would include the land) but the amount of money it would cost to rebuild the premises entirely. This should take into account structures like retaining walls, pools, fences, and any possible demolition costs.

Understandably, to come up with a sum taking all of that into account is an overwhelming prospect for many business and property owners. Professionals such as quantity surveyors can give the most accurate estimates of rebuild costs, but it is important to check that they are accounting for all the necessary factors and provide as much information as possible. They must be knowledgeable of local labour and supply costs, and be aware of any geographical features and considerations which could impact building budgets. Insurance brokers can help you arrange an accurate valuation from a suitably qualified professional.

Ever-changing construction costs and their impact on insurance

Due to inflation and other cost increases, the sum insured of a property can become outdated reasonably fast. And for busy business owners and employees, updating insurance policies is a tedious task that often gets forgotten.

In New Zealand where housing is in hot demand, building costs can rise sharply. It is important to regularly check your sums insured to make sure that they accurately reflect projected rebuild costs. According to Stats NZ[i], the value of non-residential building consents was up 4.8 percent from 2019, influenced by an increase in non-residential construction prices of 5.4 percent. Those with the highest construction values included education buildings, offices, public transport buildings, shops, restaurants, and bars. Building costs have risen[ii] alongside this, particularly in Auckland. In a report by Deloitte[iii] using statistics collected from 2009 to 2017, a steady increase was shown in the costs of materials, labour, and other contributors.

The advantage of a broker

An insurance broker is not only helpful when it comes to finding the right cover for your business. They can also help you with risk management, valuations, and claims alongside ensuring your policies are up-to-date and represent the best option for you or your business. This includes arranging regular reviews of your insurance programme, to ensure all your risks are covered where possible

Runacres insurance can help you to find and manage insurance for you and your business. Take that task off your to-do list and leave it to the experts! Our team, located in offices across the country, is dedicated to helping people and businesses maximise their insurance dollars. If you’re unsure whether your business premises are fully covered should you need to make a claim, get in touch with Runacres. We’ll help you to assess your cover and make sure you’re prepared for anything that might come your way.

[i] https://www.stats.govt.nz/information-releases/building-consents-issued-january-2020

[ii] https://www.stats.govt.nz/news/construction-costs-rents-and-rates-rise

[iii] https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/nz/Documents/Economics/nz-en-DAE-Fletcher-cost-of-residential-housing-development.pdf

The Benefits of Using an Insurance Broker

Insurance made easier and more convenient.

Finding insurance that works best for your specific set of circumstances and needs can be a tall order. Have you ever shopped around for the best company to go with, the right policies to cover any eventuality, and a way to combine your different covers for the most cost-effective solution? If so, you’ll know how tricky it can be. Navigating this vast industry full of legalities is difficult for anyone who doesn’t work in the field.

Thankfully, no-one needs to undertake the search for insurance without expert help—that’s the role of brokers. A good insurance broker works independently from insurance companies and on behalf of their clients to find the best possible cover. With this comes an array of benefits, making using a broker the best option for any insurance seeker. We’ve laid them out below; read on to get an idea of what you could be missing out on when you go it alone!

The best cover
One of the primary objectives of an insurance broker is to arrange the best possible cover for clients, in order to meet their specific needs and ensure they can claim when needed most. By contrast, finding insurance on your own can easily result in either under or over insurance; neither of which is a desired outcome.

This is why many turn to brokers for guidance. Brokers are the experts in discovering what their clients really need, and accurately assessing risk to determine what’s worth the expense and what may be superfluous. Using a good broker therefore means you are getting both the best value and the right cover for your situation.

Expert advice from the professionals
An experienced broker is a wealth of knowledge and an invaluable asset for anyone in the market for insurance. The insurance industry is far-reaching and complex, presenting many pitfalls to the unsuspecting consumer. A broker can navigate those murky waters and come up with the very best options for each client. It’s no easy task, considering that each person, family, or organisation has unique needs for their insurance coverage. Great brokers will be able to assess risk and advise a client on which insurance types would be relevant and valuable.

Many insurance brokers specialise in a specific sector of the insurance industry or several related sectors. This allows them to provide even more specialised and targeted advice and guidance to clients. Just as you would do for any service provider, it’s important to find a broker that fits your requirements and to check their professional credentials—such as industry awards and affiliations with professional bodies like the Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand.

An array of options
Most people seeking insurance will compare a few options from the bigger insurance companies—the most diligent may even check out four or five before making a decision. This can, however, be a tedious and confusing task for clients to undertake on their own; and they will not have access the same options as a broker. Brokers also have the knowledge required to sift through the possibilities efficiently, to find the ones that will work best for any situation. Experience and expertise mean that a broker can compare and consider far more possibilities than your average insurance-seeking joe!

While brokers do work with the big insurance companies, they may also have access to policies and insurers that are not well known to the public. This opens up the options beyond the obvious and is especially useful for anyone with unique insurance needs that may be better served by a lesser-known provider.

Time saved
As we mentioned in the previous section, finding the perfect insurance policy or policies is time-consuming and tedious. Using a broker vastly cuts down on hours spent finding and organising your insurance, as their job is to do the hard yards for you. For individuals and businesses alike, time is often money—and taking advantage of a broker saves both.

The role of a broker goes beyond just finding the right insurance for a person, family, or business. They will also facilitate and manage the process of signing up for cover, as well as advocating on the clients’ behalf for any claims. Generally, making a claim through a broker is a much faster and easier experience than dealing directly with the insurance provider.

At the heart of it, an insurance broker’s job is to find their clients comprehensive insurance solutions that fit their needs and budget. Their expertise means they can hunt out the best and most affordable options to suit the situation, including those which might be difficult to find for those outside the industry. They also do the legwork, saving time and making the entire process much quicker and more convenient for their clients.

Runacres Insurance is an award-winning team of brokers serving clients across New Zealand. As members of NZbrokers, the country’s largest insurance broking collective, we draw on a huge pool of experience while making the most of local knowledge to find the absolute best insurance solutions for our clients. We also support our communities through sponsorships of various sports teams and arts initiatives—people are important to us, and that’s why we do what we do.

Contact the Runacres team today for advice on business or personal insurance. We’d love to demonstrate the benefits of using an insurance broker with our friendly, professional service!

Runacres Insurance – the winner of ANZIIF Award 2019

Runacres Insurance has won the ANZIIF Award 2019 in the category of Small-Medium Broking Company of the Year

Runacres Insurance are proud to announce that we have won the 2019 ANZIIF Small-Medium Broking Company of the Year award. This is the second time that Runacres has been awarded Small/Medium sized Brokerage of the year.

“Since winning this category in 2015 Runacres has continued to evolve and I am thrilled to lead such exciting, experienced & talented teams, based in Christchurch, Greymouth and here in Auckland,” said David Crick, Managing Director.

Crick further commented “Our commitment to excellent client service since 2015 has seen us invest significantly by increasing our number of staff over 50% to 42 staff, investing significantly in IT infrastructure, organic growth via our sales teams & a further acquisition in Auckland. A key component in assisting Runacres to attract & retain key talent in the Broking Industry has been training via ANZIIF which has in turn contributed to our growth and service delivery strategy.”

A word from ANZIIF

This year’s winner Runacres Insurance submitted a strong case for consideration. The organisation has streamlined its business to produce successful results of a range of targeted campaigns.

Judges recognised the organisation’s ability to maintain a consistently high client retention rate and deliver impeccable service to clients.

To address changes and potential risks in the industry, Runacres Insurance implemented a number of innovations including enhanced cyber security.

With strong financial results over a three-year period, the organisation has successfully increased revenue without impacting on its investment in people.

The judging panel commented Runacres Insurance for their serious approach towards professional development and their goal to have all staff qualified by 2021.

Runacres Insurance continue to add significant value to the New Zealand broking community with active roles in many organisations.

ANZIIF reveals winners of 2019 NZ Insurance Industry Awards

The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) has revealed the winners of this year’s New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards. The event, which was attended by 400 insurance professionals, celebrated the achievements of outstanding individuals and companies in the industry. Read more…

Watch the Award Acceptance Speech by David Crick

Awards Night Image Gallery

Runacres proudly supports local U12 rugby team

Runacres proudly supports local U12 rugby team

Like many Kiwis, rugby is a part of our DNA here at Runacres. From grassroots, to provincial through to supporting our boys in black, we can’t help but get behind our nation’s favourite sport.

We believe though, that encouraging healthy and positive involvement with the sport starts by nurturing our youngest players. Giving youngsters in our community the opportunity to develop, learn, excel and build friendships through sport is something we’re glad to get behind. It’s in the clubrooms of local sports grounds that a lifelong love of sport is formed and where communities come together to connect through a shared enjoyment of the game.

Which is why we we’re proud to have sponsored Lyttelton Rugby Club’s Under 12 rugby team’s annual Titahi Bay trip.

More than a rugby match

The competition between Lyttelton Rugby Club and Norths Rugby Club (previously Titahi Bay Rugby Club) has a long history – 54 years in fact. Its story starts in a local bar in Lyttelton in 1965, where a waterside Norman (Skeeta) Bachop from the Lyttelton Rugby Club and a seaman Bill (Pincha) Martin from the Titahi Bay Rugby Club were discussing which club had the better under weight team, as both of these men coached in their respective clubs. After a couple more drinks it was decided that Skeeta would arrange for Lyttelton Rugby Club to send a team to play a team from Pincha’s Titahi Bay Rugby Club to settle this discussion.

More than half a century later, and the battle still goes on!

Importantly though, this is more than a friendly competition between two proud clubs. It’s a chance to help build confidence in young players as they spend time away from home, staying with a billet family. It pushes many players out of their comfort one, and so many of them return home with more life skills and confidence.

These young men are in good company. Many successful sportsmen have participated in this long-standing event, including former All Blacks Steven and Graham Bachop, Aaron and Nathan Mauger, Ben and Owen Franks, Jerry Collins and TJ Perenara, as well as golfer Michael Campbell.

To think this trip could play a part in the making of some future sports stars is an exciting prospect!

Instilling healthy values

Most of us are aware of the physical health benefits of playing sports from a young age – strength, coordination and fitness. But being involved in a team and club environment also brings with it other factors that are critical to the healthy development of our younger members of the community. Things like friendship, leadership, responsibility, accountability, self-esteem, perseverance, empathy and pride. These are all characteristics that the younger generation can call on as they continue to develop socially and cognitively, and begin to contribute in other ways to their communities.

Supporting our community

Lyttelton Rugby Club is a family-oriented club for both junior and senior players. Like most community organisations, it relies on the generosity of volunteers who give their time to help run the club, coach teams, support the club community and fundraise for trips such as this.

We know that sponsorship from businesses like ours goes a long way to ensuring that this trip, and other club initiatives, are possible for the club’s young players. As a Canterbury-based business with offices across New Zealand, supporting locals is a part of our business philosophy. Helping you protect whatever it is that matters most to you means you can focus on doing the things you love, free from the concern of financial burden should the unexpected happen. Click here to learn more about our products and services.

We’re looking forward to seeing these young players develop further, and who knows, perhaps we’ll see their names on the back of a black jersey one day.

Runacres acquires Primesure

Runacres Insurance Limited have today announced the acquisition of Primesure Brokers.

Primesure management reached an agreement to partner with Runacres Insurance, who have been looking to bolster their growing Auckland footprint. This will positively impact Primesure clients, who will enjoy the improved experience provided by the national support and infrastructure of Runacres.

Discussing the announcement, Runacres Insurance Managing Director David Crick said, “Increasing our North Island footprint is one of our key strategic initiatives, being able to achieve this, whilst joining forces with a great team who share our client focus and attention is a real win.”

Primesure will retain and continue to operate under their brand, led by Cameron Hollis, currently a senior broker. Cameron will take over the Managing Director role with immediate effect. Tony Nicholl and Paul Blitvich remaining in the business to aid a smooth transition.

Tony Nicholl, previous Managing Director at Primesure commented: “This is a really exciting chapter for Primesure and we’re pleased to have found a like-minded business like Runacres to align with. When we started out 24 years ago, we couldn’t have anticipated being a part of a combined independent brokerage that will now service more than 9000 clients across New Zealand, something that we’re proud to leave as a legacy.

Read further media coverage in Insurance Business.

About Primesure

Primesure is a fire & general insurance brokerage operating out of West Auckland, with a Life and Health offering operating under the Primesure Financial Services banner. Founded in 1995 via a merger of two businesses, Paul Blitvich Insurance Brokers and Hope-Cross Nicholl Insurance Brokers, Primesure has cemented itself in the Auckland market over the last 24 years. The business supports 1750 clients, managing Gross Written Premium of $7.5 million.


About Runacres Insurance

We are an award-winning insurance brokerage with 35+ years’ experience delivering insurance solutions for clients. With offices located in Christchurch, Auckland and West Coast, our Runacres team are dedicated to protecting clients with the right insurance solutions.

As a member of NZbrokers, Runacres leverage the strength and power of a national group, while retaining a successful formula of local knowledge, local ownership and longstanding relationships. Runacres supports over 7500 clients, managing Gross Written Premium of over $40 million.

TradeSure: Useful Tips for Tradesmen

Let’s face it, being a sought-after professional tradesman whilst running a business is hard work. You’re juggling being a skilled tradie, delivering on time (on often impossible deadlines) whilst making sure that your books are balancing, bills are paid and these days, that your business quite simply remains in business. In this post, TradeSure: Useful Tips for Tradesmen,  we provide some tips to help relieve the pressure.

Day to day, Insurance, whilst entirely necessary can be just another headache for tradesmen.  Fortunately, skilled professionals are available who can partner with you and your business. That’s because these partners will take a long-term approach and actively become one of your business’s key building blocks.  A team who can help you assess risks and get you the cover you need.

Top Tip
Police have urged tradesmen to have their driver’s licence number engraved on all tools of their trade and to record all serial numbers and where possible keep all items under lock and key. 

A good tradie is a busy one. So as professionals pushed for time while searching for that work life balance, you need answers to problems and better solutions. This will keep things simpler and ultimately more customised to your needs than ever before. “Spending my day looking for the right insurance is a great use of my time”. Said no one ever!

To help make it a little easier, here are a few TradeSure useful tradie tips you should consider when thinking about your business and possible risks:

NEEDS: Do you have enough insurance, or the right type of insurance?

RISKS: Have you assessed the real risk exposure for your business and how this can be managed?

BUDGET: What would it cost you if your tools were stolen? How about your ute? What if your employee was injured on the job? Can you afford not to insure for this?

MITIGATION: What steps are you taking to protect your business from incidents?

VISIBILITY: When was the last time you reviewed your insurance, and do you know if you’re covered for every eventuality?

THIRD PARTIES: Which third parties do you work with and is this covered by your insurance?

My tools are gone … now what?

Getting cover in place with a professional who’ll be there to help you, especially when the worst happens, can make all the difference to getting your day, week and month back on track. We know life doesn’t always deliver and that where there’s a will there’s a way for someone intent on targeting your goods no matter how concrete your planning may be.

Top Tip
– When you need cover or claims assistance, you need it now. Not all insurance companies assign a broking team to you specifically. Do your homework carefully – you’ll need a team on standby, not just palming you off to a call centre.
Tradie time IS money

Clearly the time is now for tradies as the housing boom and demand for skilled professionals is on the up. Ministry of Business, Industry and Employment’s (MBIE) Anna Clark said in a recent Stuff article, that the demand in this industry for jobs would rise to 11 per cent over eight years, settling on a figure of 56,000 workers needed in the industry by 2022.

It’s no wonder trades insurance is advertised everywhere. Don’t get caught out by online offers that promise low premiums without the cover or care you need – work with professionals, who understand your industry, after all there’s a reason they’ve been providing services to tradies for over 30 years.

Not sure if a TradeSure solution from Runacres Insurance can meet your needs? Contact Courtney, our industry specialist today, to receive an obligation free risk assessment.

The Willows and Runacres Insurance – a perfect match

In an age where loyalty is a rare commodity, it’s great to see that partnerships endure. 

25 years ago the Willows Cricket Club was formed. Mike Dormer, one of the founders, shares a brief history of the club’s relationship with Runacres.

“My relationship with Runacres actually began in 1978. I introduced Independent Fisheries to the brokerage, in my role as a Director at Independent Fisheries,” Dormer commented.

“The outstanding service Independent Fisheries receive from Runacres, still to this day, is testament to the dedication and commitment of the brokers. This is why they were one of my first contacts when we set-up the Willows Cricket Club.”

Founded in 1994 on a farm near Loburn in Christchurch, the club focuses on fostering youth cricket and the traditions and enjoyment of game. Working closely with secondary schools from Wanganui Collegiate all the way to Southland Boys, the Willows is well known for developing many of New Zealand’s up and coming fist class players.

“The support of sponsors like Runacres has allowed the club to flourish. We are grateful for their support. I first approached Anthony Runacres in 1994, explaining our plans to establish the Willows. He immediately agreed to support us, and the local insurance brokerage has continued to do so ever since,” said Dormer.

David Crick, Managing Director of Runacres is both humble and proud of the long-standing relationship with the Willows. Crick comments, “it’s fantastic to see locals who are willing to contribute so much to developing young kiwi’s whilst upholding traditional, holism values”.


About the Willows Cricket Club

The club’s objectives are two-fold. Encouraging players in secondary school first elevens to play cricket with and against experienced players. Secondly, offering quality cricket to cricket lovers in a country atmosphere, where families come to watch and picnic.

The club promotes Old-fashioned values. Cricket and associated traditions encourage the boys to develop their game, life skills and generally become well-rounded contributing members of society.

The club, through supporters, provide Youth Development tours to Sri Lanka and India. These tours provide a wonderful opportunity for selected players to play cricket overseas. Players return to New Zealand with their horizons widened and a greater understanding of different cultures. This enables them to contribute more within their own communities.

The model indeed works, with many players going on to become first class players themselves and continuing to give back. A shining example is that of Cricket Live, set up by Willower Alex Reese after a trip to India with The Willows. Cricket Live’s mission is “to use cricket as a vehicle to develop the life skills and education of underprivileged children from marginalised communities in Sri Lanka and India and provide them with a pathway for their futures.” https://www.cricketlivefoundation.org/


Some great initiatives

Each year, the Club undertakes many fantastic initiatives. This includes awarding two promising players a full scholarship to Matfen Cricket Club in Northumberland county, England. During their 6-month stay, the players gain life skills through work experience at the Matfen Hall Hotel and golf club as well as playing for the club. Another popular bi-annual event is the Governor General’s weekend. Players and supporters come together to enjoy a match between the Governor General’s youth XI and a team of past New Zealand XI. A prestigious gala dinner takes place the night before.

As the club gets ready to embark on their 25th season, we wish them all the best and look forward to the next 25 years.

Runacres Insurance named again as finalists in NZ Insurance Industry Awards

Runacres Insurance have been announced as finalists in the 2018 ANZIIF New Zealand Insurance Industry awards

Each year the New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards recognise excellence and achievement by the top performing businesses in the industry. 2018 will mark the 7th year of the awards.

Runacres Insurance has again been named finalists in category: Small-Medium Broking Company of the Year.

” We are proud to be recognised by ANZIIF for our achievements over the last year.  To be named as a finalist is testament to the professional service our team provide to our clients,” said Managing Director David Crick.

“Supporting and retaining our clients is an integral factor of our on-going success. For more than 37 years our client base has continued to grow, predominantly through referrals from our current clients.”

The awards will be held at the SKYCITY Convention Centre on November 29.